Lian Fong Industry

Lian Fong Industry is a small and medium enterprise integrating industrial production, processing, distribution services and trade, located in machang bubok, Bukit Mertajam , Penang.

We have high quality of skills and many years experience to provide you with good quality and precise products.

We also have one-stop service including professional consultation, design, installation and after sales maintenance work.

Lian Fong Industry provides all kinds of iron flower and welding engineering, such as stainless steel engineering, wrought iron gate

also electric door system and various types of awning roof services. We also undertake all kinds of window & door grille gates, wrought iron grille , gates, awnings, welding, maintenance and industrial welding projects.

Lian Fong Industry objective is to provide consumers with affordable and high-quality products.

联丰公司是工业生产, 加工, 配送服务,贸易为一体的中小型企业,位于槟城,大山脚。
我们也有一站式服务包括专业的咨询, 设计,安装和售后维修工作等。
联丰公司提供各种铁花与烧焊工程 , 如,白钢工程, 古董铁闸,
我们也承接各种窗花铁闸,古董窗花铁闸,凉蓬, 烧焊, 维修和工业焊接工程等。

Our Products

We Specialize in windows and door grille, stainless steel and iron gate and awning

Door Grill

Experience and expertise with door grill designing and manufacturing

Stainless Steel Gate

Experience and expertise with stainless steel gate and iron gate designing and manufacturing


Experience and expertise with awning designing, fabrication and installation


Experience and expertise with consulting iron work flower design and complex welding design.

Industrial Project

Experience and expertise with the industrial welding projects

Installation and after sales service

Provide excellent after sales services and maintenance

Our Project Reference

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to industrial customers

“Lian Fong Industry provide me the door grille and sliding door grille for my new house with excellent quality with very attractive price compare to other few vendors.”
Alice Tan

“I’m very satisfied with Lian Fong Industry consultation and services to install awning for my house. The design is unique and the price is very affordable.”
Mr Samsul

“Good and fast installation from Lian Fong. The price also very competitive. I’ll recommend to my friend who want to do a renovation”
Alex Lim

Our Contact

Address : Lot 2161,MK 16, Jalan Machang Bubok, 14000 Bukit Mertajam,Pulau Pinang.

Tel : 010-468 5158

Email :